About Africa In Perspective

About Me

My name is Olivier Bucyana, I currently work as a political analyst in East Africa and have a deep interest in African politics. In addition to my work in political governance, I’m also a regular contributor to online media platforms like Africa at LSE – the London School of Economics’ blog on Africa  – and AllAfrica.

In this increasingly globalized world, I believe that accurate information and in depth understanding of Africa’s current realities is key for both Africans and non Africans to brainstorm on long term solutions and contribute to a better way forward.

Join me on Twitter at @olivierbu1 or click on the Linkedin icon (top of the main page) to connect.

Africa in Perspective

Africa in Perspective is a blog dedicated to providing critical analysis on current events affecting various African countries.  Africa has for a long time been the centre of debates on political, social and economic development.  The continent’s media coverage has however, for the most part been far too reductionist in its approach to analyzing African socio-economic and political issues. Africa in Perspective aims to contribute to demystifying the stereotyping of African problems and solutions by shedding light on their complex realities. Africa in Perspective’s mission is to publish solution oriented writing that put forth policy recommendations for a more informed, more desirable outcome.